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MIMOtv is for everyone who loves comedy and discovering fresh talent, especially experimental new material and upcoming acts from writer/performers, sketch troupes and funny women (who are still under-represented on mainstream TV).

If you're a performer, writer, producer or director, you can submit your sketches, comedy characters, comedy routine, spoofs or funny videos to get exposure, feedback and support. Use the MIMOtv platform to promote your work and build a following, not just here but across all the major video and social networks. Read more.

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Beyond a joke? If, like me, you've spent the last couple of weeks jaw-jammed-open, unable-to-compute and scrambling for the ‘Eject’ button as we contemplate The Triumph of Idiocy (Trump reinvents Fascism as showbiz), The Scourge of the So-Called ‘Liberal Elite’ and, frankly, what feels like The End of Western Civilization and possibly The World… then you may be in need of some light entertainment. And since we can’t get away from that blonde, blue-eyed, arse-faced Neanderthal, we may as well try to see the funny side of him. So here it is: those Top Trump spoof videos you’ve been waiting for…

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